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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Moto g6

The good;

  • Looks and feels like it should have cost a lot more!
  • Headphone jack.
  • MicroSD card slot.
  • USB-C.
  • Heavy integration with Google Assistant.

The bad;

  • Poor image quality in low light.
  • It’s made of glass, front and back.

The one thing that blows me away is the integration with Google’s AI. Google Lens is a part of the camera, Google Assistant, and within Google Photos. One of the apps I had to install for work needed to scan a QR code. On a few older phones, I’ve had to find a setting, or download a separate app, but here it found the code in a preview window and offered a “tap here” to initiate the link. Nice! Scan any barcode, and Google Lens offers up the numerical version of the UPC. Copy and paste it into whatever search field you want to find the product.

I’m not taking pictures in the dark, and a fall that will kill this phone would also kill any other screen phone, leaving the metal body intact and equally useless.

For the money I paid, this is a pretty damn good phone.


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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Scanning text with Google Photos

Scanning text with Google Photos is insanely easy using Google Lens as an OCR engine.

Tap on the Google Lens icon within Google Photos.

It'll go for the obvious first, but hit Text Selection to look at all the text within an image.

Copy the text and paste it into whatever other application you might need.

You'll all be sorry...

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Friday, June 1, 2018