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Almost makes you want to be a Italian.

I wish I was given this option: Ditch Microsoft Office, or take a pay-cut.
The one good thing you can say for the state of the economy, no matter where you live, is that your boss is trying to save money. If you can do the same job with Libre Office, and keep the same salary...

Background textures

Every once in a while, I need a sort of bland, textured background. Something like these with text slapped onto it seems to have a better impact than just text alone. I expect I'll be adding to this post as time passes. Anyone things they might need the same, feel free.

Astronomy Picture Of The Day

I use an app called APOD.
It kicks out some of the most amazing images of space that I've ever seen, and since NASA is fitting the bill anyway, I thought I'd share what I've enjoyed.

I begin again...

Until yesterday, I had a blog called Jim's 2011.
Almost no one read it. It was full of work-stuff that no one cared about but me, but it gave me a chance to scream out into the void without hurting anybody.
This afternoon, I decided to clean up my G+ photo archive a bit, and deleted just about all of my pictures. Too late, I figured out that those accounts were linked, and removal from one resulted in breaking the other.
So, tonight, I begin again...