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Whenever I hit a slow spot in the day, it's good to look at these.

Protecting Your Android Device

Protecting your Android device from crap code, up until now, hasn't really been a priority. Not any priority of mine, at least. But yesterday, I had a friend who's phone was getting more pop-ups than a Windows Vista box without anti-virus. So, time to look at this again...

Malwarebytes has been the God-send of the retail computer industry. Free of charge, you'd install and tun the program, after three or four hours, you're back to normal. They just came out with the app for Android, and while it's monitoring for crapware, it hasn't found any. I guess I have to wait until I find someone infected to see any results.

Lookout came on my old Samsung Exhibit II about three years ago. From what I can tell, it's worked just fine, too. There are some other benefits you get with the paid version of this app, but I haven't needed it, so I didn't sign-up for it.

There's still the very attractive solution whenever something's not running right on my Nexus …

"New" Science Fiction Blog sited!

Found the author of this blog on G+ the other day, and meant to plug it here...

Hard Science-Fiction looks like a good place to find what you're reading, or watching, next.

Over the years, sci-fi has sort of split into two camps, science fiction, and space opera. The latter has won out, more often than not, because it's dumbed-down. Stuff that was written in the 1950's through the 1970's wasn't so much, but to tell if what you're liking is Space Opera, here's a test;

Q: Does the main character find that his father is the "evil one returned," or his romantic interest is actually [dramatic shocker music] his sister!?
A: Yup, the only difference between this and a episode of All My Children is the ray-guns.

Hopefully, you'll find something better here.

Oh, I should point out that most local libraries now loan out e-books, as well as the dead-tree kind. Find out if you like it before you buy...