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When Windows Goes Bad

I work at Office Depot. A large portion of my day goes to making machines that are "broken" usable again.
Not hardware fixes, because those take tiny little parts that are often hard to find, if not impossible, but software fixes. You should know about this in the same way a driver knows to change the oil in his/her car.
1. Make a Recovery Drive. In Windows 8, insert a 32GB flash-drive, hit [Windows key] and [R], type recoverydrive.exe and follow the prompts. If something goes wrong with the machine, slap the drive into a USB port, and the hard-drive gets wiped of data, and you're back to where you began with the machine right of of the box. No biggie, because you've already backed-up the data onto an external hard-drive or cloud storage, right?
2. On another flash-drive, install Windows Defender Offline. This is a Microsoft anti-malware program that allows you to boot from the flash-drive and run Windows Defender to kill off the worst of the viruses so you can ge…

My Tech Gear

Okay, I’m a Geek. I live, breathe, and flow with technology. I make my living off it, and even if it wasn’t my job, I’d still love it. So, with the untimely death of my previous blog, I should tell you a bit about my current set-up.

Toshiba L675D-S7104 laptop; an AMD64 machine currently running Manjaro Linux. In the past, it had been running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 preview. I simply gave up trying to get the consumer approved version of 8.1 running, nuked the entire hard-drive, and installed Manjaro. The lessons that I can be from Microsoft can be learned more cheaply elsewhere, and I expect that they’ll be taught better by Linux than anything else.

Samsung Chromebook (the one with the ARM processor). Running ChromeOS for the majority of the time, it’s freaking awesome. It’s fast, and none of the problems that keep on occurring with a Windows machines. Although designed to be a cloud-connected device, Google has come out with lots of new ways to use it offline, but I find …