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Yup. It's like that.

Julie Numar. Wow!

Android Runtime Games

My Nexus4 is going strong on a year's worth of use, now. I love it, and I'm not planning on giving it up anytime soon. The battery, though, has become a thorn in my side, a pain in my ass! When things settle down a bit, I'll bit the bullet and get the tools and battery needed from ifixit and the fun will commence. In the meantime, I'll take a shot at whatever prolongs battery-life, so when I heard that Google's Android run-time was changing from Dalvic to ART, I figured I'd take the shot and see what happens.
I switched over while at work, because while my hands are busy there, my mind is often on auto-pilot, and I figured this would be something fun to do. Fifteen minutes later, the phone had not blown-up, so everything must be good. Charged it to full, and headed out to Hooters for a test drive. Everyone else around me is watching a football game, but I'm reading everything Play Newstand has to offer, and a few webpages that it doesn't. I downloaded a…

I walked how far?

For some reason, Google thinks I walked 65 miles more in November than October? Why would I do that?

A Windows Tablet that looks pretty tempting...

It unusual for me to recommend a Windows tablet. Hell, it's weird for me to recommend anything running Windows, but having said that, I'm tempted by the ASUS T100, and you should be too.

Yes, it's a touchscreen tablet, which means it'll be light and have a good battery-life. More importantly, it comes with a detachable keyboard, USB port, and micro USB and HDMI ports. What that says to me is you can plug in external keyboard and mouse, jack to video and audio elsewhere, and transfer files to external hard-drives or flash-drives. It can be used as a desktop replacement.
In my humble opinion, that's what needs to happen if Microsoft is going to beat Google and Apple in the years ahead. The review that I've seen are mixed; they either love it, or the machine crashed and died in the first two weeks, but... Like I said, I'm tempted.

WordPress fail.

So, I'm back on Blogger again.
The problem I encountered the other night was WordPress would only save as a draft from my Nexus4. The problem continued when I got home and accessed WiFi, so...
There's too much of my life that's going on to sit down at a desktop and work from there. Way to 1995.

Trust in Hard-Drives. Some of them. For a while.

Found an article on ZDNET that asks, and answers, how long should a hard-drive last.
Nothing earth-shattering here: anything mechanical, anything that carries current, has been doomed to die by the laws that govern the universe, and while there are exceptional drives out there that could last up to ten years, as the summary defines, the important thing to keep in mind is that in five years you can expect at least one in five drives to fail. And please don't make the mistake of thinking that a SSD (Solid State Drive) is going to eliminate that failure-factor. While it might not have a spinning disk, they'll have their own problems, as you've no doubt found for yourself when a flash-drive suddenly stopped working, no warning given.
So, by all means back-up your data, and do so in more than one place.

Spooky night...

It was warmer than usual last night, so we had some fog.
The Nexus4 didn't really pick it up, but I like the way the picture turned out anyway. Hopefully, if/when I pick-up a Nexus5, three low light camera will be better.

So much wrong here...

A new video slamming the Chromebook. There’s so much wrong here, or at the very least misleading, it’s hard to find a starting point. I would make two minor points of my own:
1. I’m so happy that we can now safely dismiss the IT industry, and replace them with random pawn brokers. Because, you know, when I want to talk new technology, I go to the local pawn shop!
2. How much is a Windows 8 laptop, with Microsoft Office, worth in a pawn shop?
If you get a few minutes, take a look at the comments on Youtube. They address a lot of technical aspects better than I will.

[edit] Later ran into an article on TechCrunch that broke it down very well.