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Chromebook challenge; SkyDrive vs. GoogleDrive

So, Microsoft has come out with another Chromebook attack ad, where they make a big point of telling passing consumers on Venice Beach in California, that you can't run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. True enough, but you can access and use SkyDrive, which is the on-line storage and web-app tools-kit for Microsoft Office. I made a quick document with bold, strike-through and italic typeface to see how much difference there was, downloaded the proof.docx file, uploaded it see the results. Shocking results, eh?

Neither screen shot was edited or altered. You're seeing what I saw; not much of a difference. That's because for all the different versions and upgrades out there, word processing hasn't seen much change since they got the whole "spell-check" feature figured out.

It's also worth noting that Libre Office, Open Office, Abiword, Quick Office, Word Perfect, or Kingsoft Office. You owe it to yourself to check out the alternatives if you don't like …