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Winter comes to town.

Rain last night that froze, combined with sleet later in the night.
Most of us try to deal with this by staying home and waiting for the soon to come out again.
Conditions are to continue until Monday.

One who has fallen...

So, I listen to a few podcasts per day. I'm not sure of the total time spent, but listening to the same personalities on a daily basis, for years at a time, you create the illusion of a relationship with that person. Tonight I found on twitter that Tom Merritt will be leaving the TWiT network, and his anchor position on TNT.
So, I have the illusion of knowing the man, without knowing the guy. Wherever he ends up, there's going to be a small legion of followers waiting.
But it makes me sad to see him leave. It should be noted that the last podcast he left, Buzz Out Loud, is now defunct. Oops.
Nonetheless, drunken remembrance party on twitter. Take note, my non-tech friends - you're rank amateurs in comparison.