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Back to #!

So, for some silly inexplicable reason, my Manjaro Xfce desktop reverted to the standard, pretty ugly, default interface last night. Thought it might be an easy fix, but after tinkering with it a but, um... No.
Thought about Arch, even downloaded the ISO, booted into the live environment, and just got the command line. That's it, nothing more. Right of the bat, that's not going to work for me. I'm sure it's great for the people who want that sort of build-from-scratch experience, but I don't want to assemble a car from the ground up everyone I want to go for a drive. Sabayon had problems of it's own, but similar to the Manjaro issues with updates. So, maybe back to Debian?
Oh, but wait... Here's an old copy of CrunchBang already on the flash-drive....
Fifteen minutes later, #! just as I remember it. Left it copying files over from the external hard-drive while I went outside to enjoy the warm weather before a winter storm hits tonight.
It's hard to arg…