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Sand, magnified for your viewing pleasure.

Sand, magnified.

Yes, these "grains" of sand were picked for their attractiveness and composition; coral, shells, crystal, etc. A lot of sand isn't this pretty, but the point was to tell you to look deeper than you have been.

Philosophies and Operating Systems

Back in 1999, Neal Stephenson wrote an essay on operating systems called In the Beginning Was The Command Line. He has since made the text free to download from his website. But even though it's "old" writing on technology, it still holds water today. I'd recommend taking a look at it if you've got some time.

MGBs, TANKS, AND BATMOBILES Around the time that Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, and Allen were dreaming up these unlikely schemes, I was a teenager living in Ames, Iowa. One of my friends' dads had an old MGB sports car rusting away in his garage. Sometimes he would actually manage to get it running and then he would take us for a spin around the block, with a memorable look of wild youthful exhiliration on his face; to his worried passengers, he was a madman, stalling and backfiring around Ames, Iowa and eating the dust of rusty Gremlins and Pintos, but in his own mind he was Dustin Hoffman tooling across the Bay Bridge with the wind in his hair.

In retrospect, thi…