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I walk a lot...

I mean, over 100 miles is alot, right?



New Year's Back-Up Poject

So, I've come to rely on Google services. A lot! Drive, Docs, Blogger, etc... But a hard truth is that unless you've paid for the privilege to use these services, they can go away, so with the new year, here's how to avoid putting all your digital eggs in one basket.
Opening up Google Drive (15GB shared between G+, Docs, and You-tube), check the little box in front of the folder (or file) you want to make a back-up of. As soon as you do, there'll be a little [more] tab that appears on the top center of the screen, with a [download] option. You'll be asked about format options, and I usually go with Open Document formats (labeled as Open Office). These are readable by Open Source Office Suites as well as by Microsoft. Make life easier on yourself and have Google email you the resulting zip-file, and download.
Once you've got the resulting files, keep a physical copy on a flash-drive, hard-drive, DVD, etc. But the Gods have decreed that anything that carries curr…