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Why I need Linux if I've already got ChromeOS

This is is desktop of my Chromebook. I've obviously gone through and tweaked it a bit but it's still behaves like any other Chromebook. Nice, simple, and functional...
So, if it's that good, why do I keep having to install Linux with crouton?
The file-manager sucks. Remember when the only Chromebook out there, in a semi-secret beta, was the CR-48, and it was really, truly, and only a portal to the internet? I expect that the file-manager on one of those machines is exactly the same as today's. It's very limited, and there's the feeling that it's more for flash-drives than for hard-drives. With most Chromebooks coming out with 16GB SSD's maybe that's all they feel they need.
How Chrome handles zip-files is a trip. You can open them, look inside, even treat them as though they were outside of their little archived shell, but they're not. This drives me a little bit nuts, as I can find a work-around for this. I realize that this is most likely a s…