Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can't see it?

I was trying to read a sign yesterday that was just out of the range of my vision. Feeling frustrated, I thought about pulling up the information on my phone. Which has a camera, and excellent zoom...
Sometimes, I swear, I gotta trip to figure out walking.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Training My Replacement

So, I'm training my own replacement at work. Again. It's not a problem, because the more that we all know, the better off we are as a group, and we all benefit.

If it sounds weird to you, it is. It felt weird to me the first time I get stuck doing it, but I've come to some conclusions over time, that I thought I might put down if they could help someone in a similar situation.

First; you can't impart all that you know to another human being. Not even a majority of a fraction of the total data. The mind doesn't work that way, and even if it did, you'd still have problems accessing and using that knowledge. Your mind is more than a hard-drive.

Second; the methodology of processing and using the data is just as important as the raw data itself. If all you know about a knife is that it's used to cut things, you haven't had to use a knife much. But there are some who look at a knife and think it's a one-purpose tool. It's improvising the characteristics of the knife that make it an essential tool. If you apply the same logic to other tools, you find a lot more functionality everywhere.

Third; it's not enough to teach, even if you teach well. The student has to want to learn. And they have to want to go on learning past what you can teach them. If whoever I'm talking to couldn't care less about what I'm putting out there, then that's his problem, not mine. I haven't had to talk with the boss about the current one, but I did it often enough in the past.

Forth; there are other factors at work here. It would be nice if my boss' boss would cut him some slack, so they weren't writing and rewriting the schedule every five minutes, or cutting hours, or providing real guidance. I know the days of sink-or-swim are here to stay, but I'd like to think it wasn't always this way.

Finally; I don't get excited and run around like an idiot when I hear that the representative from the Home Office is coming for a tour. Whatever decision he's made has happened long before he set foot in the door, and whatever he sees isn't likely to change his mind. If you boss has pulled you aside and let you know you're fucking-up often enough that you recognize the irritation in his voice, that's the time to make an effort.

Having a few days off during this week reminds me that I'm not essential. When I go in next week, I'll be able to tell how much I was missed. The text-message asking for help earlier today tells me that I know a few things that they don't either.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Player FM

I listen to a lot of podcasts. They're a good way to exercise your mind while doing mundane tasks that have to get done, but hardly require higher brain functions.
Enter Player FM; stream, download podcasts you already like, discover more that you didn't know where out there. There is, of course, an Android app.
If you want to listen to it, I expect you'll find it there.
Player FM form the Google Play Store