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E-Mail, eMail, Email, email.

I’ve kept on trying to find a better way to communicate with the other guys at work and stupidly ignored the easiest; email. Accessible from computer, tablet, or phone. Tried it yesterday, and it worked out well enough, even on the archiac Windows XP machine running IE6 (although Google kept on recommending that I freakin' upgrade, already). Open a new email and put TDS Recap and today’s date as the subject and in the body. Leave the address blank. Close the window to save as Draft.When there’s something new to say, open email and add to the draft, and save the changes.At the end of the day, fill in the address with and send it on it’s way. Depot has a copy, and I have a copy. If the MOD wants a paper copy, he can print one out.Obviously, this isn’t going to work with text-messaging. Too bad, if they want my data. That’s short-burst communication; a Post-it note. Email is pages. Plus it will be fun to answer texts with “check email.” Heh.It should also be n…