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Shiner Bock!

Began with one, ended with another... All modification done with Pixlr Express app on Android. Wow! What a tool.

The Coffee House closeby...

Remember when you were old enough to take a stab at dating? One of the first places you went was a Coffee House. You'd order the cheapest thing on the menu, espresso, so the girl could get the mocha-choco-jumando-whipped-cream coffee thing... Hanging out at Roots for an hour before my shift starts, there are two kids in the far corner. He just figured out what espresso tastes like for the first time. It's nice to see the universe has a few constants, still...

A Tree near home...

Just wanted a few shots of this tree at sunset.
At first I was annoyed at all the power lines and crap on the background, until I realized that none of it had been there when the tree began growing...
Anyone got a time machine?

Having fun at work.

Sometimes, you just have to take a break and have some fun. It's only work, right?

Best Targeted Ad EVER!

The other day, a friend got a job as a Pre-K teacher. [Well done, very good for her, etc.]
Being me, I got onto Amazon and found a cattle-prod, and forwarded the link as a joke.
It should be recognised that I would make a very bad Pre-K teacher, since this was the only way I could envision keeping control of a pack of six-year-olds. If I go to your school, and you are the administrator, you should make a note, here and now, they you don't recommend hiring me for that position.
Yesterday, while reading the Onion, I paid attention to a targeted ad for the first time in forever. What can I say, the system works...