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New Camera app, new protocal

So, Google came out with a new camera app for Android (4.4.X) which I hated at first, due mostly to not being able to find documentation. It's grown on me, though, and the rough edges will be taken care of in short order, I'm sure. But it has caused me to rethink the way I use my camera, and how I take photos. I've decided to crank the camera up to it's highest settings. I can always edit the size of an image down with Pixlr Express, or some other photo-editor, but it's hard to improve something that's already been expanded as much as it'll get. The real challenge will be from the resulting file size of the images. Remember Google gives you 15GB free, divided between Google+, Blogger, Gmail, and Google Drive. Take into account that Google+ also backs-up your photos automatically, so I'll have to go in and manually delete what I don't need regularly. Still, when things improve, we all win...

That, Sir, is a work of Art!