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Rocks, Weeds, and Bugs - #MyBeautifulEarth 2014

Alright, everyone is going to go ga-ga over lots of amazing photos for Earth Day. Rightfully so, because there's some really cool stuff out there. But, right across the street, there's a manicured lawn that's supposed to be just grass. It's not. There are wild flowers that become "weeds" when the bloom falls off. There are ants that remove all sorts of crap (you can see one or two determined ants trying to drag the dime I left for scale away from the ant-hole), and have a stinging bite. And let's not forget that a lot of the Earth is made up of rock that can't grow anything. So, relish in the beauty of the Earth. Learn what you can from it's life and systems. When we get off this rock and head out into space, we'll need to know how to Terra-form, and everything is going to have to be as tough as these ants and wild flowers that survived the worst winter on record for a century.

Trying some night shots for MyBeautifulEarth

Going with the night-time for #MyBeautifulEarth...