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From Mechanic to Teacher?

Where I work, there are some problems getting people engaged with our technology services. Looking for new ideas, I sent this to the boss.

Our /service/ numbers are bad, and they’re only going to get worse.

Residential zone, with an older affluent population rather than businesses, “Gee, Dad, you should really get a Mac.” The Windows 8 System Refresh actually works! Android and ChromeOS devices are being taken care of by Google. iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)... Well, hard to argue against what works. The techs I communicate with at /service/ are, at best, incompetent.

The “repair” business is a dying business model. There’s still some money to be made, but that’s going to dry up pretty soon.

This leaves us (hell, I mean ‘me’) asking “how do we transition to something else?” You stop being a mechanic and become a teacher.

Show them how to use it! The Tech Industry is big on the idea of “here it is, figure out how to use it yourselves.” Windows 8; so freakin' weird it made my firs…