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Who's going to pay you for that answer?

I've got a younger friend who's going through school now, and during a history assignment on Andrew Jackson, one of his classmates decided that she didn't like the findings of the paper. Okay, fine. But, she's not the instructor, and certainly not in charge. Nonetheless, she decided to let her feelings be known to all present by calling both the instructor and author, "assholes." As someone who has taken the art of swearing to a near science, simply calling someone you disagree with an "asshole," is pejorative, and rather unimaginative*. Even if it were deserved, she didn't make any point. No doubt, she'll be remembered for her outburst, but it'll be swept aside as emotional, flighty, and one of those "hippy-chick sort of things" that are easily dismissed because she didn't back her accusation up with logic and reasoning. She didn't tell my friend he was wrong, she just insulted him, which you can do to a social and e…