Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thistles in the grass.

Just passed them on the way home from work.
They're weeds. Most people don't like them.
Me? I understand weeds.
I'm not supposed to be here, either.
Ha! Deal with us.

Let's hear it for Kepler!

A gif depicting Kepler's Law of Planetary Motion.
Honestly, the physics on this are way above my head, but read more about it here...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who's going to pay you for that answer?

I've got a younger friend who's going through school now, and during a history assignment on Andrew Jackson, one of his classmates decided that she didn't like the findings of the paper. Okay, fine. But, she's not the instructor, and certainly not in charge. Nonetheless, she decided to let her feelings be known to all present by calling both the instructor and author, "assholes."

As someone who has taken the art of swearing to a near science, simply calling someone you disagree with an "asshole," is pejorative, and rather unimaginative*. Even if it were deserved, she didn't make any point.

No doubt, she'll be remembered for her outburst, but it'll be swept aside as emotional, flighty, and one of those "hippy-chick sort of things" that are easily dismissed because she didn't back her accusation up with logic and reasoning. She didn't tell my friend he was wrong, she just insulted him, which you can do to a social and economic equal and get away with, but she also chose to insult the instructor. That's going to bite her in the ass, because even if this is a fair-minded and nice guy, no one takes well to being called an asshole. Next time he has to make a judgment call concerning her, it won't go favorably. He'll even be able to back it up with logic.

The elephant in the room that we're very busy ignoring, though, is why is this poor idiot in college? I would assume that she's there so she can get her degree in whatever it is that interests her, and she'll go out and find a good job. Maybe start her own business, but more than likely, she'll be working for someone else. How much you want to bet the first, and only, emotional outburst where she calls her boss and asshole gets her fired? Maybe if she gets a bad grade in this class, she'll see the correlation. More than likely, though, she'll just whine and bitch that she's surrounded by assholes until she finds herself quite alone.

This isn't to say that insults don't have their place. The same for swearing. When I stated earlier, "that's going to bite her in the ass," you, I, and anyone with a fraction of a brain knew what it meant. Even a Nun wouldn't scold a child too badly on that one, if her ass had been the one in question. Your boss might even appreciate it, and there's definite value in that.

Next time I'm about to rattle off something without thinking, though, it might be helpful to ask myself, "who would be willing to pay you for that answer?"

* My personal best? "Scrotum-leach."

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


About a week, or ten days ago, a retaining wall was removed. The root system of a nearby tree was exposed, and a little while later, leaves came out.
I didn't really know that a tree could do this. It's not surprising, in retrospect, that branches and roots could serve the same functions, because I guess they're really the same thing with out labels stuck on them, but it somehow gives me a bit of hope.

Under a big sky...

Just another sunset here in Texas.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cthulhu; one of the ancient Great Ones

My bosses seem to have joined a cult of some sort, and fearing for my life, I have offered my soul the service of Cthulhu. I figure if there's going to be any sort of human sacrifice, it ain't gonna be me laid out on the alter!

Hail, Cthulhu!

I'm joking, of course.
The company is facing some hard choices  that have to be met, and the powers-that-be have to try to rally the troops to fight the good fight, and all that. But those who have been there a while are looking at the recent changes and thinking that they're rearranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic. Maybe that's all they can do, so they're doing it. But it seems that we're following the model that Circuit City made famous, and expecting a different result. As with a lot of things, we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dramatic monochrome brick wall!

From the apartment where I live. The bricks are yellow and brown, but black-and-white looks more dramatic, so...
Good for a background to build upon.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Markus Landsmann; you gotta follow this guy!

Markus Landsmann; you gotta follow this guy on Google Plus.
Seriously, here are a few of the pics he posted earlier today,and they're stunning.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


From Dune, by Frank Herbert
I've been playing with an app (iOS, Android, or Web) called Notegraphy over the last couple of days, and it's pretty fun. Lets you take the written word and throws it onto a color without too much trouble, and easily shared to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Blogger from there. Nice.

APOD dump!

Just had to do another.

APOD dump!

I been a while, but never forgotten.


Gotta work on that cloning technology!

Fallen Timbers

The apartment complex where I live has a few Railroad-tie retaining walls that are falling apart and being replaces with concrete and sheet-rock. Before they haul it all away, I snapped a few pictures.