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Microsoft shooting itself in the foot... AGAIN!

I'll come back to this and edit and expand on the topic, but upon hearing this news on Windows 8, I'm going to need a cool-down period...
After two years of the worst sales of PC's in the history of PC sales, there was some hope that Microsoft could get it together and fix Windows 8 when, during their developer's conference earlier this year, they showed-off a working start menu, to a standing ovation!
For those of us in the retail side of things, we thought, "finally, that's over with."
But, no.
For some inexplicable reason, they won't make the change until next year?
The sad part of this? It's not a technical issue. You know that there's at least one guy who get the code archived on a flash-drive, just waiting to swoop in and save the day. Hell, Ubuntu makes bigger UX changes every six months!
So, it's political. Or, bureaucratic. Fuck!
We all hate you Microsoft!

Sherlock; you should be watching this!

There are smart shows out there, and there are funny shows, but Sherlock is both. If you haven't started watching, you owe it to yourself to do so.