Thursday, July 31, 2014

SwiftKey; a better on-screen keyboard.

So, I've been using Google keyboard on my Android devices for quite a while now, and loved them for the speed they provided by swiping between characters, rather than touching them all separately (and slowly). The predictive text and autocorrect? Um... Not so much.
After hearing a few podcasts raving about SwiftKey, I decided to give it a try. The cost has recently dropped to Free, with the option to buy additional themes as you want them.
It's different, it takes some getting used to, but pretty good. The predictive text gets better the longer I use it, and the user dictionary works way better than Google's.
Best of all, the predictive text remains displayed when I'm using my Minisuit Bluetooth keyboard.
So, I'm sold.

Later: I spoke to soon. I like the eye-candy of SwiftKey, but getting it to learn and accept new words without autocorrecting them back to something else? I don't got that kind of time.


Someone is still going to argue, but they won't be able to back it up... 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kid, in my day...

I find that I'm catching myself, more and more, talking to everyone younger than I as if I were their parent, and getting slightly pissed-off when they don't follow my obviously superior advice.
I'm sure that every generation runs into this, but I gotta say, if there's an after-life, there are legions of generations, caught between frustration, and laughing their asses off.
Laugh it up, old boy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

APOD dump!

It's that time again...

Are you for, or against, being gay...

So, I got asked the question, "are you for, or against, gay marriage," the other day. Which really meant, "do you support that crap, or are you going to burn in hell like the rest of them."
My answer was "why would you care?"
Before the other guy could number all the reasons why I should care, I put this to him.
  • Despite efforts to the contrary from every major religion from the beginning of time, homosexuality exists. You're not going to eliminate it by making rules against it.
  • Every argument you have against it is based off your Holy Book. I've read it, but I can't say I agree with most of it, much less than it speaks on behalf of an Almighty God. If it proves to be linked to a not-exactly-recessive gene, you're facing a Galileo vs. The Church affair.
  • In the afterlife, as I understand it, you'll be rejoined to your Husband, your Wife, your family and friends - those that God doesn't cast into a lake of fire, anyway. But you're not really getting your old body back, and reproduction isn't a problem you have to worry about anymore.
"Just seems like a lot of time and effort wasted worrying about penis and vagina that are going to be a moot point if you religion turns out to be correct."
After that, I found something else to do, and so did the other guy...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meet the new Google Drive

The real advantage to Google Drive is any computer where you can get email just became a workstation.

I have a friend who needed a resume made up, but she's not going to buy a computer and printer to make it happen - there's no affording it. Enter Google Docs, with templates, and done. Take that, Microsoft.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Waking home, using HDR.

Tried using the HDR feature of the camera, and side from showing the process down, in not seeing a whole lot of difference in the finished photos.