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Noticed that someone mentioned training on one of the boards in the break-room today. It was suggested that we depend on the manufacturer's website for additional information. Okay, so long as it's on the company's dime. From what I've seen, Hewlett-Packard's training is all about having you sell more Hewlett-Packard products, even if it's the wrong tool for the job, or counter to the customer's interest. The same could be said for ASUS, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Lenovo, Samsung, or Toshiba. We don't work for any of these companies, we work for our customers. Learning good thing, and should be fun, and you should never stop. It's self-rewarding. If they're offering up Xbox points as a reward, you're in the wrong classroom. As a rule when researching something new; HowStuffWorks is a good place to get a general overview. Wikipedia for more information on specific aspects. Google (or DuckDuckGo) to really drill down into a topic. ...and, if someth…