Sunday, November 23, 2014


You ever get the feeling that you can have the best tools, the best ideas, and the best platform to share those ideas, but if no one is listening...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feeding yourself; Pasta!

Pasta is neat stuff in that it's easy, fast, and largely idiot-proof.

Get a box of Rotini, a jar of sauce with whatever flavor sounds appealing, and you're halfway there.
You'll need a dinner-plate, a cereal bowl, a medium sauce pot, a strainer, and something to stir with.

Put the pot on to boil, 70% filled with water, on "high." The only thing you can to to make water boil faster is to add salt, but it won't effect the flavor, and you'll just be wasting salt, which would have been a huge freakin' deal in India in the 19th century. Fill the cereal bowl with pasta, and wait.

Once the water is boiling, add pasta and stir for the first few seconds. Reduce heat to just above medium and stir the pot ever few minutes to prevent the pasta from sticking to each other and the bottom of the pot. As the box says, this is going to go on for 11 minutes. 

Get your dinner-plate out and pour a bit of sauce out. Add salt, pepper, whatever you might find appealing, while you wait. Personal note; black or crushed red pepper goes really well with tomato sauce, as does just about any given hot sauce.

After 11 minutes, strain the contents of the pot through the strainer, shake once or twice to remove excess water, and dump onto the plate. Mix with the sauce and spices, which will bring up the temp to a palatable level. Eat and enjoy.

Cleanup; let everything sit in water for fifteen minutes, and wash. It's stupid easy with pasta!

Note i; I like Rotini for three simple reasons; it fits in the cereal bowl, it has less surface area to stick to the bottom of the pot when cooking, and the spiral shape reminds me of a DNA molecule.

Note ii: most stoves have a timer, the microwave has a timer, all of our computers and phones have timers. Counting down 11 minutes should be no problem.

Feeding yourself; Eggs!

Right, so you're single, don't feel like "cooking," but you need to feed yourself...

The first stop is Eggs.
A dozen will cost anywhere between one and two dollars, so pretty cheap. Throw in some extras, and they make a good meal.

You'll be using a mixing bowl, a fork, a dinner-plate, and the microwave.

Break the eggs on the side of the bowl, and spill the contents into the bowl. Scramble them with a fork until the clear stuff is mixed in with the yellow. Add salt, for sure, and whatever spices you like.
# Personally; salt, crushed red pepper, and diced onion.

Place the plate in the microwave, and pour the contents of the bowl onto the plate. Cooking time is determined by mass, so one minute per egg. Stop the process 75% of the way through, and stir the stuff. You'll notice the edges cook faster than the middle, so redistribute the cooked portion to the middle. Nuke for the remaining 25%.

Cleanup; rinse the mixing bowl out immediately. Let the plate soak for an hour after using it, and the egg residue comes off pretty easily.