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Writing withdrawal!

So, I woke up at 0400 and realized that I hadn't really written anything in over two days.
And it's driving me a little bit crazy.
I have to write at work all the time. People have to know what you were doing once you leave. Sure you could tell them verbally what is going on with project X, Y, or Z, but then you've only told one person and he might be an idiot. (Yes, we all work with idiots, and wonder why the boss hires them. If you believe that everyone around you is wonderfully competent, you're the idiot.)
But having gone for two days without writing anything, I'm going a little bit nuts.
It's made worse because I'm surrounded by technology designed to make writing fast and easy. My primary computer is a Toshiba laptop running Linux, so it has access to two or three really good word processors, and something like two thousand text editors. I have a Chromebook (currently in use), access to Google Docs/Drive, and typing directly into Blogger.
If there we…