Sunday, March 29, 2015

That's more like it!

The battery on my BLU Studio Energy.
I don't have to budget my time for an hour-long recharge every five hours. Nice!
I should be whining and bitching about the performance hit I took switching from the Nexus5, but it really hasn't been that problematic...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BLU Studio Energy

BLU Energy Studio
19 hours of use, 52%
So, a little while back, Android 5.0 gets installed on my Nexus5.
It's a little over a year old now, and it works great, fast, responsive, all that you'd expect from a Google flagship phone. Except the battery life, which was never great, now simply and completely sucks.
I think I use my phone a lot, compared to most people. As a word processor in Google Drive, I can swipe up to two pages a day, search the net, and play a bit on social networks. And, email! What the hell did people do before email?
In frustration, I looked out on G+ to see if I was the only one (I wasn't) and I saw a post for a BLU Studio Energy, unlocked, on sale at Aamzon for $149.99...
I'd only heard of the company in passing from the various Android podcasts, but figured it might be an affordable risk at that price.
At first, I wasn't imprssed. It's running Kit Kat, and that alone felt like a huge step back, although it's more of a physhological thing than a real problem. There was a bit of lag, not much but noticable, when switching from one app to another. There's simply is NOT enough storage without adding a microSD card! The phone always tries to tell me about the missing second Sim card when I start it up.
But I had to go to work, didn't have time to switch out Sim cards back into the N5, running late, so I decide to just deal with it for a day.
It was a long day; a meeting was involved, then normal work. All said and done, the battry was at 70% when I got home. I would have had to spend one hour charging for every four with the Nexus5.
So, I tried tweaking it aound a little bit. The calander, contacts, and camera apps that come on the phone look a bit Windows95, but they synch well enough with the rest of the Google Cloud applications. The simple Message application reminds me of why I still hate using Hangouts for SMS. Nova Launcher replaced Google Now. My Microsoft email got folded into the Gmail app.
It's doing all that I'm asking of it now, and a little bit more.
It's a good, solid, dependable phone.
If you're looking to replace what you've got now, you could do a lot worse.

P.S. - Gave it a four out of five on Amazon.

P.S.S. - With Android One phones coming out, running 5.1 on limited hardware, thinking the system upadtes will be a nice improvement, too.