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Hooters is fun...

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Life, the Universe, and most everything.

Every once in a while, I wake myself up laughing. I usually don't remember what was so funny, except that it seems to have the same sort of backdrops as seen on Cosmos. I'm not that smart myself, so I figure I'm tapped into someone else's dreams, and they're brighter than me. As far as I can tell, I'm working on someone's thesis.
I'll try to explain. The active part of the mind is constantly distracted by the day to day events. It has to be. Back in the day when large predators were roaming around, you became dinner if you couldn't be distracted enough to enable a fight or flight response. When you finally slept, that's when your mind would dump all the additional data you stored up since your last sleep, and let your unconscious mind process it. In the morning, maybe you'd remember little details about banging the rocks together a certain way to produce a spark, and you're on your way to reproducing a skillset to make fire. With me so…