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Trying the new Google Photos app

The new Google Photos app is here...

Automatically uploaded and reduced in size to 2048 x 2048. Nice.
Accessible through the "Picasa Web album" tab in Blogger.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wormhole of #ShinerBock Shot looking down at the nearly-empty bottom.

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Project Spartan; try harder!

Tried using Project Spartan on Windows 10 today...
Project Spartan with default Bing search
Tried using Project Spartan for a few simple tasks on the web; Twitter, Ars Technica, Google Drive. Kept on thinking there must be something wrong with my internet connection, but no. Every other device is running at it's normal speed.
There's this lag between when you click on something, (1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-1000) that just isn't there in either Chrome or Firefox.
Uploading a pictures to Twitter took quite a while longer than normal. Uploading to Blogger simply did not work.
I saved the draft, logged in on Firefox, loaded the image above, and went back to continue writing.
Seriously, guys, if this is the secret weapon for beating the competition, you're in trouble.
Granted; both the Operating System and the browser are still in Beta.
But, my Acer C720 Chromebook, with older technology and lesser specs than the HP Stream 13, is kicking ass!
Come on, Microsoft, you can't afford another Vista or Windows 8!
[Hit the "publish" button = failed. Published from Firefox.]


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Bastard Mode Engaged

You don't begin in Bastard Mode, you're placed into it.
The new boss had a hard job. Everyone says so. I give him the benefit of the doubt, cut him a break.
After all, he's only human, and he'd do the same for you, right?
Suddenly, he's a dick. With only marginal success at doing his own job, he has plenty of time to criticize you at yours.
<switch>Bastard Mode Engaged!</switch>
Fuck him. I'll do the absolute minimum that I can get away with, and if his goals aren't met by the end of the shift, that's his problem.

Friday, May 15, 2015

It was never a dress!

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Fing: grok your network

If you've ever been on the phone or doing a live chat with tech support, looking at getting things up and running again, you know what it's like to be asked, "what's your MAC address," and having no answer because you don't own an Apple product in the house...
That's why you need Fing.
Grok your network.


Find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network, in just a few seconds.
Fast and accurate, Fing is a professional App for network analysis. A simple and intuitive interface helps you evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues.
+ Discovers all devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. Unlimited devices and unlimited networks, for free!
+ Displays MAC Address and device manufacturer.
+ Enter your own names, icons, notes and location
+ Full search by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor and Notes
+ History of all discovered networks.
+ Share via Twitter, Facebook, Message and E-mail
+ Service Scan: Find hundreds of open ports in a few seconds.
+ Wake On LAN: Switch on your devices from your mobile or tablet!
+ Ping and traceroute: Understand your network performances.
+ Automatic DNS lookup and reverse lookup
+ Checks the availability of Internet connection
+ Works also with hosts outside your local network
+ Tracks when a device has gone online or offline
+ Launch Apps for specific ports, such as Browser, SSH, FTP
+ Displays NetBIOS names and properties
+ Displays Bonjour info and properties
+ Supports identification by IP address for bridged networks
+ Sort by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor, State, Last Change.
+ Free of charge, no banner Ads
+ Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with retina and standard displays.
+ Integrates with Fingbox to sync and backup your customizations, merge networks with multiple access points, monitor remote networks via Fingbox Sentinels, get notifications of changes, and much more.
+ Fing is available on several other platforms, including Windows, OS X and Linux. Check them out!

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Hooters is fun...

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Life, the Universe, and most everything.

Every once in a while, I wake myself up laughing. I usually don't remember what was so funny, except that it seems to have the same sort of backdrops as seen on Cosmos.
I'm not that smart myself, so I figure I'm tapped into someone else's dreams, and they're brighter than me. As far as I can tell, I'm working on someone's thesis.

I'll try to explain. The active part of the mind is constantly distracted by the day to day events. It has to be. Back in the day when large predators were roaming around, you became dinner if you couldn't be distracted enough to enable a fight or flight response. When you finally slept, that's when your mind would dump all the additional data you stored up since your last sleep, and let your unconscious mind process it. In the morning, maybe you'd remember little details about banging the rocks together a certain way to produce a spark, and you're on your way to reproducing a skillset to make fire. With me so far? Good.

Enter Jung's theory of Universal Unconscious. It's a theory, completely unproven and equally unsinkable for the same reasons, as you'll see.
Basically, what's in your head isn't your personal stuff. 70% is yours, but the remaining 30% is a WiFi connection to a larger network of other sleeping human beings under the network labeled Universal Consciousness. Along the way, it's easy to imaging hubs, switches, routers, etc. to manage the network traffic. Keep in mind that these were radical ideas in the nineteenth century before they got around to looking at inverting computer networks at Xerox or CERN.
When you hear about two people working on the same project, in parallel, without ever meeting, well, maybe they're plugged into the same domain, both getting the same misdirected mental email. Likewise, wars, apathy, people being dicks to each other; there's a bottleneck in the network, something blocking the normal flow of data. All theory, again, but...

Now, let's pull out religion and put it under the microscope. The Christians say that God is love. The Buddhists agree. Hinduism. Coptic. Jewish. Even Islam. No one makes a religion based on hate that doesn't self destruct in short order. The problems we find are usually rooted in economics, control issues, bottlenecks in the network, again. But, you'll never find a man of the Peaceful God telling you that Mahatma Gandhi is going to rot in hell because he wasn't Christian. I promise you, that's either a lawyer or an account that makes a statement like that.

Supposition: the more focused you are on you, the less you care about others, and the less you're connected to the network. The bonds between mother and son, father and daughter, siblings, etc. are based on shared social mores than geographic proximity.

No guacamole
Double Pico De Gallo
No JalapeƱos
Another Shiner Bock
"Thanks," says the crazy man writing
You can tell, I'm at a bar.

Ready for more?

Maslow's Scale of Self-actualization!
The more plugged-in you are to a larger group, the more of a human being you are, as opposed to a very localized animal. (If you're having flash-backs to Paul Atreides in Dune, you're not the only one.)
It's not about you anymore, it's about your family, your community, your town, city, state, county. Some people rise far above the rest of us, allowing their lives to become about the lives of others: Mother Teresa, the aforementioned Gandhi , Christ, etc.
You know the type. They're so rare that they usually make history. Most of us latch onto family and vicariously live through a sports franchise, and that's about it...

So, if we accept that these two theories might be possible, and a good chunk of your mind isn't contained in your body in the first place, what's the big deal about death? Your ass was a dummy-terminal to begin with and you're dealing with delusions local storage. So, what's next?
I have no idea. I don't think we just stop. Why would we stop? If there's no end digit to Pi, so why should we not continue on either? If matter is compressed energy, and energy can't be destroyed, only changed... What are thoughts? Electro-chemical impulses? If they teach a "critical mass" of thought? Does that make a mind? Maybe you can tell me the difference between a mind and a soul, because I can't see either.

I think we are the universe's experiment to understand itself. Every atom, every erg of energy, was produced at the same moment in time with the Big Bang, and all that matter/energy with still be present at the Big Crunch, however far off that may be. Nothing gained, nothing lost. The universe is infinitely finite.

So where are we in this swirling mass of stuff? Fine, I can locate the spinning blue sit we call home by using local landmarks, but after that?
I'm going to fall back onto the computer analogy again. The next level up could contain the collective consciousness of everyone born in the last ten centuries.

If you can't picture that (I can't) think of the best standouts in the past 100 years; Tesla and Edison playing with energy currents, Oppenheimer and Einstein picking apart atoms, Fermi and Newton screwing around with magnets and gravity. And in the middle of it all?
My Mom, kicking everyone's ass at Bridge. Seriously, the hell she didn't cheat, but she played cards to win! 

I never met your dad, Danny, but assume that my Mom is winning when they're at the table, and occasionally looking down and laughing at us. Because just as all politics is local, or interactions tie or fore-bearers together.

A few side concepts and loopholes;

# You lose the useful benefits of a penis or vagina when you die. Your biological job to reproduce is done. So, who cares who you slept with anyway? You want equality? >bam< You're all glowing pink balls of energy. Deal with it!

# Reincarnation is a fun process where you get recycled over and over again until you've learned your purpose in life. Once you've figured out what you need to know, you graduate to being really, truly, totally dead.
Hitler, for example, will be recycled a few hundred times before getting a break. Half the time, his name will be Goldstein, and the rest, Jesse Owens. (Remember, time is a physical property and therefore malleable for our model.) And how cool would it be to take a decade off and be a dog or a cat?

# A few hundred years ago, we didn't have the tinker-toys we have today, and a "network " could only have been used to describe the rigging on a sail-powered ship. Just as writing improved upon oral communication, digital is improving on analog. I'm not sure how far we can push it, but I'm excited to find out...

# If mankind invented the Gods to explain the how and why of things, which later fell to proof with Empirical Data and Logic, are science fiction writers the new profits? And scientists, the new priests?

# I am merely Jim. I don't have all the answers, but I ask myself interesting questions when I'm not thinking about the really attractive brunette who's bring me another beer...