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Setting up a Group in Gmail

Neat little time-saver for Gmail, now that Google+ is no longer in vogue...

On a laptop or desktop machine, toggle from GMAIL to CONTACTS in the upper left.
Select New Contact, then side over a bit to the three icons above the blank contact.
Select the middle; Groups.
Then select, Create new.
I decided to use the name Siblings for obvious reasons.

Now there's and empty group under the My Contacts label.
Select the Add Contact icon and start hammering in names.

Once you've selected the names and hit enter, you'll see all the data on those people in the group.
You'll notice that Dennis and Ray are also part of the Michigan Family group, but Kathy and myself aren't.

Once you've toggled back from CONTACTS to GMAIL, just use siblings in the address bar, and you're done.
I got as far as "s-i-b" before the addresses self-propagated.
Excessive use of white out on the images has been used so I can post this elsewhere without sharing our info with the world.…


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