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On "focus groups"

"We know this is effective. It was tested in a focus group." So was Windows 8, you dumb-ass!
Look, you’re paid for your time by your boss, and so am I. I'd like to think that you're paid what you're worth, but let me ask you; how much are you worth as a subject in a focus group? I'm betting you got a pop-up in a website (win a free iPad!), had to fill out a survey to get a price break, or are ambushed by some kid with a clipboard at... the Mall! I felt sorry for the kid. He had asked a few other people before I got into range, and been turned down each time. Not fun. So, having a few minutes before meeting with friends, when he asked if I had, ten minutes, I said, “sure.” I was lead to a room where I was read the DMCA (the kid didn’t know what that was)and watched a few previews of a movie, and asked about the lead actor’s previous work. Which lead to what I knew about him from the tabloids. After five minutes of this, I would gladly have sold my soul (if I had on…