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Just get a Chromebook

So, I picked up an ASUS C201 Chromebook (on sale at Amazon, but currently $200).
I got it because my Nexus 7, while still very functional, is getting older by the day, and I expect, won't take the next upgrade to Android 6.X (whenever that actually happens). I thought about getting a new tablet, but most are still stuck on Android 4.X, still being sold for a premium price.
Then I happened to see a post on Android Central, and yes... Yes, I did.

So, why would you get a Chromebook over a tablet?

Listen to any Android focused podcast, and they'll eventually talk about fragmentation: the problem of getting all the different models of Android phones from all the different manufactures to keep up with the latest and greatest when it's technically problematic and expensive to do so.
ChromeOS does not have this problem.
I've got an Acer C720 that's about two years old now, that just keeps on working without a trace of a problem. The battery life might be diminished (a mere…