Sunday, August 30, 2015


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Enough for today...

I get off work and head into Kroger, still wearing the Windows 10 promotional tee-shirt.
I find myself on the beer aisle, grab a pack of Franconia Dunkel (dark german-style).
A guy wanders over, looks at the beer, looks at my tee-shirt, looks back at the beer.
“Hasn’t been put for a month, yet, and it’s already driven you to drink?”
Well played, Sir.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Just get a Chromebook

So, I picked up an ASUS C201 Chromebook (on sale at Amazon, but currently $200).
I got it because my Nexus 7, while still very functional, is getting older by the day, and I expect, won't take the next upgrade to Android 6.X (whenever that actually happens). I thought about getting a new tablet, but most are still stuck on Android 4.X, still being sold for a premium price.
Then I happened to see a post on Android Central, and yes... Yes, I did.

So, why would you get a Chromebook over a tablet?

Listen to any Android focused podcast, and they'll eventually talk about fragmentation: the problem of getting all the different models of Android phones from all the different manufactures to keep up with the latest and greatest when it's technically problematic and expensive to do so.
ChromeOS does not have this problem.
I've got an Acer C720 that's about two years old now, that just keeps on working without a trace of a problem. The battery life might be diminished (a mere 7 hours now), but that's the only sign of it's age.
About once a month, I get a little arrow icon in my system tray that asks me to restart. Twenty seconds later, and it's done. Silently brilliant!

It's got ports!
USB, microSD, mini-HDMI... Plug in an external hard-drive, flash-drive, mouse, and they just work! Plus, there's an actual >tappity-tap< keyboard with built-in short-cuts (ctrl + alt + ?) and a track-pad. Even if you hate keyboards, think of it as a built-in stand for when you're watching video!

Can a Chromebook handle all your needs? No. It can't. It won't.
It can't handle macros in Excel, or Publisher files. CAD? The best it might be able to do is view the files. Video editing? No.
At least, not yet.
But ask yourself how often you're doing that on your current machine, or how often you're planning to do it in the future.
In the meantime, there's Google Docs, Netflix, Pixlr Express, tumblr. You know, the whole internet.
And while I can agree that the Chromebook's advantages are limited when cut off from the internet, I'd ask what you're doing when your ISP is on the fritz? How useful is your current copmuter, tablet, or phone when it's cut off from the net?

Need I say that the cost of the C201 was less than the cost of any Windows machine out there, and is completely immune to malware? Or that if you went to the local fix-it shop and asked, you'd find the price to get rid of viruses lines up pretty much equal with the cost of a Chromebook? Nah. Those in the know, they already know.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

On "focus groups"

"We know this is effective. It was tested in a focus group."
So was Windows 8, you dumb-ass!

Look, you’re paid for your time by your boss, and so am I. I'd like to think that you're paid what you're worth, but let me ask you; how much are you worth as a subject in a focus group?
I'm betting you got a pop-up in a website (win a free iPad!), had to fill out a survey to get a price break, or are ambushed by some kid with a clipboard at... the Mall!
I felt sorry for the kid. He had asked a few other people before I got into range, and been turned down each time. Not fun. So, having a few minutes before meeting with friends, when he asked if I had, ten minutes, I said, “sure.”
I was lead to a room where I was read the DMCA (the kid didn’t know what that was)and watched a few previews of a movie, and asked about the lead actor’s previous work. Which lead to what I knew about him from the tabloids.
After five minutes of this, I would gladly have sold my soul (if I had one) to get out of that room in the mall, and considered it a bragain.

Next time you’re told that a Focus Group said something was “good.”
Think about what Lawyers say about trials… decided by twelve people too stupid to get out of jury duty.