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ASUS Zenfone 2 - Nice!

So, yeah. Another Android phone...
My last one, a BLU Studio Energy, had some pretty detrimental issues while visiting family up north. After getting it fixed, I went looking for something else, and found the Zenfone2.

The bad:
# Battery-life is short; maybe four hours of constant use. It's improved with a few system updates, but when I hear a podcast telling me that some other phone gets two days...
# It has some weird factory installed apps that can't be removed. I don't have kids, thus, no need for a Kid's Mode.
# Convex plastic back means I'll never get a a bamboo or wood case for it.
Seriously, that's all I've got to whine and bitch about.

The good:
# It's fast. Not just in terms of specs (I'll let you look at those yourself by hitting the link above), but WiFi and mobile connections. Someone did their homework.
# A lot of the "bloatware" that everyone hated in the articles you read about has proven to be pretty good. The ASUS File M…

ASUS File Manager - nice.

I got introduced to this on the ZenFone2, and liked it enough that I got it installed on my Nexus7, as well.
Not a whole lot of ambiguity, here.
Fast and easy searching; local, microSD, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.
Seriously, wherever you've got files stashed.
Asks what app you'd like to open any given file, if you haven't previously selected a preference.
Give it a try.

I knew it!

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Zen home screen.

ASUS calendar widget, and supporting apps. Getting used to the ZenFone2 user interface (ZenUI), and a lot of it is working out really well .
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