Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quick Charging

So, my Zenfone2 is running a bit low on power.
I plug it in to the the AC adapter, and log into Airdroid on my Chromebook, start transferring an 800mb video.
I notice the lower tight corner of the interface shows the basics of the device status when you're connected, and I can see the power level increasing while the MP4 file is being copied over the network!
31% to 50% in fifteen minutes.
I'm never buying a phone or a tablet that can't do this, ever again.

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Chiron Beta Prime

It's not a landing beacon...

I'm almost sure it's not an landing beacon for the Alien Overlords...

From the park just outside NRH Library.
I'm almost positive it's not a landing beacon for out new Alien Overlords.
But, just in case I'm wrong, let me be the first to welcome our new Alien Overlords...
Oh, ah, yes. Did I say "Overlords?" I meant Protectors...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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ASUS Zenfone 2 - Nice!

Different colors, even!
So, yeah. Another Android phone...
My last one, a BLU Studio Energy, had some pretty detrimental issues while visiting family up north. After getting it fixed, I went looking for something else, and found the Zenfone2.

The bad:
# Battery-life is short; maybe four hours of constant use. It's improved with a few system updates, but when I hear a podcast telling me that some other phone gets two days...
# It has some weird factory installed apps that can't be removed. I don't have kids, thus, no need for a Kid's Mode.
# Convex plastic back means I'll never get a a bamboo or wood case for it.
Seriously, that's all I've got to whine and bitch about.

The good:
# It's fast. Not just in terms of specs (I'll let you look at those yourself by hitting the link above), but WiFi and mobile connections. Someone did their homework.
# A lot of the "bloatware" that everyone hated in the articles you read about has proven to be pretty good. The ASUS File Manager just got installed on my Nexus7 because it was better than anything else I had on there. If it were possible to install the whole ZenUI interface on my Nexus7, I think I'd try it.
# Quick Charge! Get an AC adapter that supports quick charging, and you'll never go without it again. At the end of the workday, I'm down to 25%, stick it in to charge for an hour, and I'm up to 80%. It's not unique to this phone, but it's the first time that I've seen it, and yeah, it's cool!

Other stuff:
# Double-tap to wake; I want this on everything with a touchscreen, now!
# MicroSD slot; I doubled the 64GB storage for $20. This is one of those ideas that we, as consumers, should never let die!
# Still on Android 5.0, and I couldn't care less. Look, this phone has distinctive hardware (the Intel chip), and a fairly close-ended software stack on top of the OS. I'm cool with ASUS sending periodic updates that improve things, but don't give it to me if it's not going to help.
# I gave serious consideration to getting a ZenPad S8, but went with a Chromebook. Got an ASUS C201, yeah, it effected my buying decision. Oh, and picked up another 64GB MicroSD card for it. Because, why not? Storage!

Home screen, ZenUI launcher.

ASUS File Manager. Note the MicroSD.

Post-update screenshot. It improved battery-life.

Ultra-saving mode uses almost nothing!

Nice, but I won't be waiting until 0700 tomorrow to recharge.

ASUS File Manager - nice.

I got introduced to this on the ZenFone2, and liked it enough that I got it installed on my Nexus7, as well.
Not a whole lot of ambiguity, here.
Fast and easy searching; local, microSD, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.
Seriously, wherever you've got files stashed.
Asks what app you'd like to open any given file, if you haven't previously selected a preference.
Give it a try.

I knew it!

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Zen home screen.

ASUS calendar widget, and supporting apps.
Getting used to the ZenFone2 user interface (ZenUI), and a lot of it is working out really well . 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015