Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To the people who make smartphones;

Hi. You’re going to hate me.
You’re going to hate me because I have an Android phone that I bought, unlocked, off Newegg for $300.
It’s a beast! Intel Quad Core (2.3GHz), 4GB RAM, and 64GB storage, with a microSD, dual SIM, and quick-charging. Geekbench scores; 750 single, 2365 multi-core.
I’m an off-contract customer with T-Mobile. $30 per month gets me 100 minutes of talk time (augmented with wifi calling over Hangouts) which never gets used past a few robo-calls, unlimited SMS, and 5GB of 4G-LTE data.
I know I can pay more for a phone, but you’re going to have to sell me on why I should.
[Since I got mine six months ago, four others have followed my example and advice. Ha.]