Saturday, March 19, 2016

80% chance of me being unemployed in the next week.

So, in the next week, there's an 80% chance of me being unemployed.

Reasons for this;

  1. New District Manager is coming to visit.
  2. Our Store Manager is MIA.
  3. Our numbers don't square with what the Home Office has in mind.

I wrote that last week and held it as a draft. Funny, I'm still employed. Well, at least until next week, when we start the cycle all over again.

  • The store manager that went MIA? He stopped in briefly. He caught me before I left, let me know that he wasn’t coming back, just here to write his resignation and drop off his keys. After removing his personal belongings from the office, this surprises no one. But it’s been a really crappy year for him and his wife, personally and professionally, so I hope they can find some solutions that make them happy.

  • The New District Manager turns out to be an old District Manager. None of us know if that's a good thing or not, it's just a thing. Still haven't seen him yet, but certainly not going to hide under a rock and cry about it when I hear he's arriving.
  • I numbers continue to be less than the home office wants them to be, but aside from a few printers, there wasn't much traffic. A manager from another store called and demanded why we had zero attachments on laptops. We sold 1, and the business had an IT department to install Office, anti-virus, etc. My boss' follow-up question was, "how do you get 40% off of one?" Crazy.
So, I'm going into work on Monday. Past that, who the hell knows...