Saturday, April 2, 2016

What "late fees?"

Today I went and paid my rent, and got a nasty shock; a $300 late fee.

For what, exactly?
Looks like you missed a rent payment...
Even as the poor girl said it, she knew it was wrong.
If you're ever late with a rent check, they come looking for it.
If you don't pay within a certain time, you're evicted. Thrown out.
Everything you own, or have in the apartment, is placed out on the lawn.
I've seen it happen twice.
I hid inside.
Both times.

I pulled out my phone.
When was the payment due, I asked?
Eight months ago.
And the amount?
I logged into Google Drive, and there it was, a picture of my check for the correct amount.
They either cashed it, or they didn't. Easy enough to prove...
A mistake, on our part.
I insisted on emailing them a copy.

You might not run into crap like this everyday.
But working with the people I do, depending on Google Drive and Photos? Nice.
And when you appear better organized than the paper-filing people?
You kind of own the room.