Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Microsoft Office Web apps

So, when it became apparent the Google Docs was kicking Microsoft around and taking it's lunch money, they came out with the idea of Office365, a subscription based version of MS Office, with all the old favorites (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.) and some new additions (OneDrive).
For the times you couldn't get to your computer, you could log onto your Microsoft account from any laptop or desktop, and access Microsoft Office Web apps - not as full featured, no macros, limited to only a few dozen fonts - but certainly workable.
Log on with a Microsoft email.

Click on the menu at the top left, next to Outlook Mail.

Select the web app you'd like to use, in this case, Excel.

Work on whatever you need to get done.

Save your work in OneDrive, or download the file.
My, mostly, empty OneDrive.
The storage that Microsoft provides makes all the difference here.
The free space is 5GB, which is down from the previous allotment of 15GB. Not really sure why the decrease happened, but you can't really complain about changes made on a free product.
If you're an Office365 subscriber, you're allotted 1TB.
By way of comparison, Google gives you 15GB of data free, plus an extra 100GB from ASUS when I activated my Zenfone2 last year. Documents, spreadsheets, presentation, forms made with Google Drive don't count against storage there.
160MB used out of 119GB on Google Drive.
Whatever you use, the one really good thing about cloud storage is it's almost impossible for the dog to eat your homework. As long as you've got an internet connection, you can get your work done.