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No, you really don't need an anti-virus on a Chromebook.

I'm completely ripping-off Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central, but I certainly haven't heard a better explanation of security on a Chromebook...

"...Chrome OS is updated monthly without any user intervention, and the update process is seamless and you won't notice it. Every time you start your Chromebook is checks for a new version, and if one is available it's downloaded and the next time you start up you're running it. And every time you start your Chromebook Verified Boot checks to make sure nothing has changed in the operating system, and if it thinks anything has been tampered with, it starts from the last verified copy you downloaded from Google instead. You won't have to worry about malware, spyware or viruses on Chrome OS. If something does go wrong (people who want to break into your laptop are smart) you would be dumped into a recovery screen that tells you which keys to press to wipe the copy of the OS and download it fresh. As long as you haven…