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Unused Call-in Excuse

Did laundry last night and one of my socks is missing.
Staying in bed for the next six hours in the hope of finding it.

Every morning

Every morning that I wake up early to go to work, I find myself asking, "is it worth it?"
Because a lot of days, it's not.
Unfortunately, the only way to know is to live through it.


Thirty years ago, there I am, listening to Penny tell me she’s “gay.” We’ve been friends for almost two years, working at the same coffee shop, close to campus but not quite there. And, my friend is telling me she likes girls. Um… Okay.
Quick beat, while all my Catholic upbringing is telling me this is a sin, and everything I went through in the military screams, “bullshit.” And Dad, who wouldn’t understand, and and Mom who would’ve told the Church to shove it, and then there’s just me, “Merely Jim,” who has more questions than answers, and what would John Cleese say here? Because if you can imagine John Cleese saying it, it's grammatically-fucking-correct!
“And?” There are a few heartbeats here while that sinks in… God is based on Love. Therefore, anyone who loves another is invoking God. Anyone who says [God ≠ Love], fuck you, you’re wrong. But here I am, ready to fight someone while my friend is trying to suck it up, because I’m the trial balloon. If I get my nose bent out of shape, n…