Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maybe I should stay here...

I don't really want to go to work today, but I don't want to stay home, either.
The real problem is that I'm going to be bored in both places. Yesterday, I went to a local bar here in town, with the intention I was going to catch up on my reading; you know, news, world events, etc. That didn't happen; a self-admitted asshole sat down across from me and just started talking. So, a complete waste of time.
So, I'm going to work today to drink coffee, and hopefully, be intellectually engaged for ten minutes.
That's the goal. Should be simple to meet, but there have been days in the past where I've run out of coffee, and other days when I've met people who thought Trump was actually going to take care of them...
And, hopefully, cute girls.

Much later: one really cute redhead in good pants, but aside from that, and three cups of coffee? Boring.