My new Chromebook, ASUS C302, browsing for some Android apps. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with this puppy! #crouton

[Update - 20170501]
Hit a bit of a snag after two months; the machine would lock up after 30 minutes of use. ASUS support had be restore the OS, and things kept happening with freeze, power-down, reboot, and freeze after another 30 minutes.
Sent it in with an RMA, got it back a week later; all seems good, after switching back to the DEV channel, reinstalling Crouton, etc.
Still not really used to using a touch screen, but it doesn't bother me...
Every once in a while, there's some lag on the Linux side, but nothing crazy.

In the meantime, both my Acer C720 and ASUS C201 continue to have zero issues.


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