Friday, September 1, 2017

More BLU in my life

So, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want a tablet.
I still want a secondary screen that I can interact with while watching Netflix, Youtube, whatever...
It also needs to be small and light enough that I can read it in bed without having to injure myself if it falls out of my hand - because it's happened before (with the Nexus7), and it'll happen again.
So, some sort of mini-tablet.
Also known as a smartphone, without cell service.

Reading an article about the BLU Vivo 8 going for $199.00 on Amazon, I decided, "yes. I think I'll have that..." It won't be here until 20170906, but the specs and the price make it look promising.
Hello, BLU. My old/new friend.
Plus, it's still a phone. If anything happens to my ASUS Zenfone3 Zoom, I've already got a backup that can be used with a quick walk down to the closest T-Mobile store (for a different SIM card).

So, here's something...
This is a good phone. I mean, it's a really good phone!
There's nothing "wrong" about this phone, at all.
Okay, the battery could be 1000mAh stronger, but 4000mAh is pretty damn good. The camera isn't the best, but BLU is making up for the low-light with tricks that work with OCR when you take a shot of a business card or text, detecting borders on a printed page, etc. Neat stuff.
For $200.00? That's insane.