Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's all for sale, now...

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Yup. Too bad Fox News isn't a newspaper. He'll never see this on his own...

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Twitter; it was supposed to replace text-messaging, right?

So, Google has gone all sorts of crazy with their SMS apps, now killing it in Hangouts without a good replacement (looking at your broken ass, Allo).
I'm still using Signal as my SMS client, and very happy with it, but back through the mists of time, I remember when a text cost a dime apiece, there was another service that came about that let you do almost the same thing, using data.
In fact I still use them if my cell service or wifi goes out; Twitter.
Wow. I'm ancient!

Books; I wouldn't call it a problem...

Doesn't that make the library my pusher?

Three days off!

I've got three days off in a row!
First thing when I get back is to have them remove those pesky over-ride commands from my user profile. They're not paying me for the added responsibility, and the room for additional fuck-ups is greatly increased.
It's also stressing me the fuck out because I'm playing manager when Rory is in the office, and there's no one else on the floor.

[a few days later]
Better, now.
Actually, my life got infinitely easier once I realized that if they increase my responsibilities, they also have to increase my pay. So, as the man says, fuck you, pay me.
If you're not willing to do that, it's not my problem.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Work and loyalty.

I found out, recently, that a coworker who transferred elsewhere in the company was demoted from full-time to part-time, which was expected and probably overdue.
In the process, though, the bosses managed to lose 200 hours of paid-time-off. That's the kind of kick in the teeth that is just unnecessary. She's been with the company longer than I, has worked some long hours, and pretty much (until recently) done as they've asked.
It bothers me, and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it, other than to say: don't make the mistake of assuming that "loyalty" thing goes both ways. It doesn't.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just woke up...

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"Stargate gone wrong," or whatever you were thinking...

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ChromeOS - still the best

"Upgrade" arrow
Short post just to let you know how little drama is involved with a Chromebook/box.
Today, got the little Upgrade arrow in the lower right corner of my display. Not nagging that I have to stop, then and there. Not cutting system resources to zero so Windows can do it's bullshit. Just, you know, whenever you've got a minute...
Fifteen seconds later, back up and running.

Seriously, it's that simple.

You didn't think that was private, did you?

In a recent conversation with my boss, I let him know that he could email me certain documents that might be worth my attention. He laughed a bit and said those documents were confidential.
It just occurred to me that the company uses Gmail, without any encryption measures attached, not even requiring passwords to open Microsoft Office files.
Their "confidentiality" is zero.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Just what I needed in this life; shiny purple mouse. 😮

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I'm not that interesting...

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Sometimes I write just for the sake of writing.
Usually, I'm bored.
Like today...
And if I remove it later, well, it's not like I made a mess or anything.

It's also times like these that I think maybe I should get one of those hardbound dead-tree journals and use that. That wears off in about thirty seconds.

Keeping a journal also implies that you'll want to go back to it later and find how brilliant you were back then? No illusions; I'm not that smart. Ha!


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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Viking after losing fight.

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Maybe I should stay here...

I don't really want to go to work today, but I don't want to stay home, either.
The real problem is that I'm going to be bored in both places. Yesterday, I went to a local bar here in town, with the intention I was going to catch up on my reading; you know, news, world events, etc. That didn't happen; a self-admitted asshole sat down across from me and just started talking. So, a complete waste of time.
So, I'm going to work today to drink coffee, and hopefully, be intellectually engaged for ten minutes.
That's the goal. Should be simple to meet, but there have been days in the past where I've run out of coffee, and other days when I've met people who thought Trump was actually going to take care of them...
And, hopefully, cute girls.

Much later: one really cute redhead in good pants, but aside from that, and three cups of coffee? Boring.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

If there's no Wi-Fi, you don't see me as often.

Yes, I'm a introverted Geek.
When I'm at the bar, I'm looking at my phone 80% of the time.
It uses data, and if there's no Wi-Fi, that matters to me.
You're giving me another reason to stay at home.
But hey, it's your business, and I'm the only one...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hair flips

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Tom Hanks answered a fan letter.

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Sleep now.

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Teddy Bear defender

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Drink up

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This kid is now my Spirit Animal.

This kid that just said, "fuck ballet?"
She is now my Spirit Animal.
I shall call her Tracy.


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Screaming with laughter at the poor bastard at the NSA who has to watch the feed... 😵😰😱😄😊😅

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