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Just woke up...

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"Stargate gone wrong," or whatever you were thinking...

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ChromeOS - still the best

Short post just to let you know how little drama is involved with a Chromebook/box.
Today, got the little Upgrade arrow in the lower right corner of my display. Not nagging that I have to stop, then and there. Not cutting system resources to zero so Windows can do it's bullshit. Just, you know, whenever you've got a minute...
Fifteen seconds later, back up and running.

Seriously, it's that simple.

You didn't think that was private, did you?

In a recent conversation with my boss, I let him know that he could email me certain documents that might be worth my attention. He laughed a bit and said those documents were confidential.
It just occurred to me that the company uses Gmail, without any encryption measures attached, not even requiring passwords to open Microsoft Office files.
Their "confidentiality" is zero.