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It's all for sale, now...

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Yup. Too bad Fox News isn't a newspaper. He'll never see this on his own...

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Twitter; it was supposed to replace text-messaging, right?

So, Google has gone all sorts of crazy with their SMS apps, now killing it in Hangouts without a good replacement (looking at your broken ass, Allo).
I'm still using Signal as my SMS client, and very happy with it, but back through the mists of time, I remember when a text cost a dime apiece, there was another service that came about that let you do almost the same thing, using data.
In fact I still use them if my cell service or wifi goes out; Twitter.
Wow. I'm ancient!

Books; I wouldn't call it a problem...

Doesn't that make the library my pusher?

Three days off!

I've got three days off in a row!
First thing when I get back is to have them remove those pesky over-ride commands from my user profile. They're not paying me for the added responsibility, and the room for additional fuck-ups is greatly increased.
It's also stressing me the fuck out because I'm playing manager when Rory is in the office, and there's no one else on the floor.

[a few days later]
Better, now.
Actually, my life got infinitely easier once I realized that if they increase my responsibilities, they also have to increase my pay. So, as the man says, fuck you, pay me.
If you're not willing to do that, it's not my problem.