Monday, April 24, 2017

Sleepwalking through days, dreaming through nights...

Work seems an endless mess of doing things I don't care about for someone that I don't really like.
Something has to give.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wow! Iron Thistle from #RahrBrewing. Nice. #Broncos

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Before I buy...

My buying habits have direct correlation to what’s available at my local library.
First, I’ll see if I can download the book or magazine using OverDrive or Zinio for Libraries. If that it’s not available digitally, I’ll go and get a dead-tree copy. This was the case for both, Weapons of Math Destruction and Norse Mythology.
Then, if the content is good enough, I’ll download the ebook (or audio book) from Google, Amazon, whoever has it, simply to have it wherever I go. Bottom line is that the publishing industry should be thanking the Gods that libraries exist.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Email vs Text Messaging - it's all permanent

So, I think I figured out why everyone likes using SMS (text messaging) over email.

I like email because it's platform agnostic, produces a "igotacopy-yougotacopy" paper trail that's proven really hard to eliminate by people smarter than I.

Other people like SMS because their contacts are much more limited compared to email, there's no subject-line, and they think it's transitory. It's not, according to;

  1. The NSA.
  2. Your cell service provider.
  3. Me. Because I've mastered the screenshot function...
Oh, look, here's Google Photos, that will keep it forever, for free.

In 2017, these are the new external hard-drives.

Crazy as it sounds, flash-drives are where it's at these days...
Between Chromebooks, Windows-books (that's not what Microsoft calls them, but that's what they are), and the resurgence of MicroSD storage on Android phones, it's easier and cheaper to install only enough storage as needed by the OS and let the customer get whatever else they need.
From where I'm sitting, it's working out quite well.